Low Mortgage Rates Rising Home Values

The Prices of Homes are Rising and the Mortgage Rates are very low!

This makes it great for both home sellers or home buyers.  The value of homes are rising so its getting more for you home will help especially if your value is at or below your current mortgage. On the flip side, the mortgage rates are so low that you can save a whole lot on buying and financing a home.

The average mortgage rate was 3.52 percent for a 30-year fixed loan as of this post and was 2.76 percent for the average 15-year loan.  The prices of homes rose significantly to start 2013 and the consensus is that they will continue to rise.

If you’re looking to sell or buy a home this spring of 2013, now is the time to to start looking.  Things are heating up (even if the weather is lagging behind), and The Jason Matt Team is ready to sell your home or help you find that Plymouth, Canton or Northville home you’ve been waiting for.

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