Spring Cleaning Your Home Before Selling

If you are thinking about selling your home during the spring or early summer, we have some tips on making your home more appealing to those who come to check it out when it is on the market in Michigan.  window-cleaning

As much as you may love the smell of bleach in your home, as it resembles cleanliness, the smell is not as appealing to those who are guests in your home. You may all be familiar with the “going green” effort that everyone is taking part of, where natural products are becoming more and more popular. Switching to”green” cleaning products when maintaining cleanliness of your home can make a huge difference on the appeal to potential buyers in Michigan. Cleaning products with a citrus-like smell are a great option to bleach or harsh chemicals with their own strong scents.

Of course you want your home to be as clean as possible when showing, but keep in mind that you still want it to look like you live there. Show the potential home buyer in Michigan that your home is family friendly, and perfect for everyday living.

For more tips on preparing to sell your home during the spring, click here.

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Home Buyers or Sellers In Michigan- Think Spring!

If there is one benefit to the nasty, historically cold winter we’ve been having here in Michigan, it is that it has given those looking to buy a home as well as those looking to sell a home in Canton or Plymouth Michigan  time to hop online and really do their homework!

Mortgage rates have been declining steadily since the beginning of the year and are trending down toward 4% after starting the year at 4.53%! Needless to say, this is good news for buyers, but at the same time it’s their signal to get rolling before housing prices or interest rates increase as we move toward the spring and summer.

Those looking to sell a home in Michigan should be chomping at the bit as well. Realtor.orgtulip-1437919-m reported earlier this year that home prices in 2013 saw the largest percent increase, upwards of 11% as of December, since 2005. Michigan of course felt the pain of the real estate collapse and saw the third-highest home appreciation rate during the final months of 2013 – 14%. Experts predict this rate to slow, not only in Michigan but all over the country, so if you are selling a home in Plymouth or Canton Michigan you should get moving!

As the weather starts to warm, more and more buyers will be willing to venture out from their warm, comfy homes and head on out to open houses. Plus for sellers, it’s easier to make those outdoor repairs to your windows, siding, or roof when the snow and cold isn’t holding you back. Since both home buyers and sellers will be moving into new homes once their respective transactions are complete, getting ready to sell or buy home now allows you to do your moving when the weather is actually nice.

When you do begin the process of selling your home, contact the Plymouth or Canton real estate agents at Jason Matt for expert real estate advice, as well as new property listings that are popping up all over Michigan each week!

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List Your Home Through The Freezing Pipes And Snowstorms In Michigan

It may depend on what you consider lucky, but the households in the Canton Michigan area have been experiencing a winter we haven’t seen in a while. With below freezing temperatures homeowners in the Plymouth-Canton area have been experiencing freezing pipes, snowed in cars and traitorous road conditions.  

Plumbing companies  are warning households all over Michigan that this is not the time to be conserving energy by turning down the heat when you leave your home. Especially if you are selling or listing your home for sale, take these measures to ensure your home is in the best selling condition this winter;winter pipe burst

  • Keep the heat at 65 to 70
  • Keep all doors open within your home for sale
  • Let your faucets drip during extreme cold temperatures
  • Use a hairdryer or box fan to thaw frozen pipes (NO blow torch which could result in house fire)

The Jason Matt Team can help you with many things you can do to keep your home in the best selling condition through the cold winter months, whether it is inside your home or outside your home our experts can help you sell your home with no worries through the winter in Canton Michigan. Our real estate agents are experts in listing and selling homes in the Plymouth-Canton or Northville area, contact us today!

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Holiday Decorating, Home Selling and Family Gatherings This Holiday In Michgian

You wont get bored this winter holiday season in Plymouth-Canton Michigan! This holiday don’t let your family miss out on the many events these cities including Northville MI has to offer.  Tree lighting, ice skating,  ice sculptures and visits from Santa you are sure to have a fun filled holiday!

Plymouth Michigan does not skimp out on holiday celebrations, invite your friends and family this weekend to Plymouth’s Rotary Holiday Tradition.  It will be a fun-filled weekend with the Annual Festival of Trees on display, along with The Parade at 5pm. Before The Parade come early to listen to traditional Christmas music, sing-a-long, look at the lights, decorate cookies, enjoy hot chocolate and then the parade with floats, high school bands, color guards, animals, dance troupes and Santa!

Canton Michigan continues their tradition with a Tree lighting event December 4th that is sponsored by The Jason Matt Team along with other great sponsors and a Santa Brunch Sunday December 8th.jason matt tree lighting

Don’t let the holidays distract you from listing your home for sale, the holidays are a good time for our real estate agents to put your house on the market and to buy homes in the Plymouth, Canton area. Whether your just driving by viewing the lights on homes or if your driving around looking for homes listed for sale, make sure to take in the holiday spirit and contact The Jason Matt Team if you have any questions about the home listings. Most importantly enjoy and take part in the holiday celebrations with your friends and family.

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You Can Add Many Things To Enhance And Sell Your Home In Michigan

Through the seasons you can add different things to your home to enhance your yard, outside of the home, inside of the home and as much furniture or not to help sell your home in Michigan.

One thing our real estate agents in Michigan have seen being added in homes is sunrooms from our friends at Miles Bradley Michigan’s Custom Deck and Sunroom Builders near Canton Michigan. Sunrooms are something that can be added during the winter or summer, many are heated so you can utilize the room all year long. This is a very attractive buying point for our clients when buying a home.

Buyers and sellers are considering adding a sunroom to their homes in Michigan for a few different reasons.

  • Maximizes sunlight for natural lighting and heating to enable significant energy savings.
  • Able to convert rooms that are already there and utilize the free natural sunlight
  • Can be added on back or front of someone selling a home in Michigan
  • Skylights can be added to sunrooms for maximum sunlight when buying a home in Michigan
  • Allows you to enjoy the physical and emotional benefits all year long, sunrooms are said to reduce stress and enhance family time.

If you are selling a home in Canton Michigan or nearby cities like Plymouth or Northville. Adding a sunroom can be a low cost effective way to add square footage and make usable space in your home. This type of addition enhances curb appeal and an overall look of your home, it can also add elegance and luxury to a home other additions cannot. Ask our experts what additions or changes you can make to your home to increase the value and to make sure you get the return, when selling your home in Canton Michigan. ‘Like Us’ on Facebook or Call The Jason Matt Team for expert advice from our real estate agents.

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