List your Real Estate this Summer!

It is said that summer isn’t the best season to list your home for sale but The Jason Matt Team can help you sell your home in any season! Do you have real estate in Plymouth Michigan you want to list? Even real estate in Northville or Canton Michigan, we can fight the odds and get you listed and sell your home this summer!

If you own real estate in Northville Michigan and want to list your home there are many ways to help sell your home this summer. One important aspect of listing your home in Plymouth or Canton Michigan is curb appeal; make sure to mow your lawn twice a week, scatter mulch, paint house number on the curb, triming plants and planting flowers are all great ways to enhance the look of your home when you list your real estate!

There’s also things inside you can do during the summer to help when you list your home; open your blinds to let the light in and remove or use tie-back with heavy drapes, they tend to make a room look darker and smaller. We also suggest when considering to list your home in Canton or Northville bring the inside, out! By using different types of metal vases, planters, frames, mirrors on the outside, it brings out sparkle around the home and enhances your real estate.

Don’t be afraid to list your home in the summer,  we realize that sometimes there are things going on in life you cannot work around.  Things that would make you need to put your home or property up for sale in a time that might not seem the best. As real estate professionals with many years of experience in Michigan, primarily in Plymouth, Canton and Northville, we are prepared to sell your home fast and make it easy! Please Call or Contact US  Today!


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